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Howdy, and welcome! This is the website for CJ Paloma, novelist, philosopher, traveler, and active member of the CC.

I’m currently working on the second and third books for the series Tales From The Convening Collaborative. Here’s a sneak preview from the second book, “Ribbon In The Sky”.

Here’s another one (Content Warning: the piece is unapologetically feminist).

The first book in the series is The Space Between, published in August of 2020.

Here are a couple of excerpts from it.

Download a free unabridged copy of the first novel from the series Tales From The Convening Collaborative!

The Space Between

The Space Between is the first book in a planned series called Tales From The Convening Collaborative.

The Space Between is a fun, fast paced and engaging introduction to the gazillions of aware beings who live within the CC.  It’s also likely to challenge readers with some unorthodox ideas.

Please note, it’s a novel. I do NOT endorse all the ideas and actions that are in the book.

Book Blurb:

The Convening Collaborative has received a request for help from a small, unlucky planet called Earth. The Earth is sick with a serious infection called MMR.

A ship from the CC’s fleet is sent to deliver medication to Earth. The medication will cure the MMR, but at a very large cost to the life forms on the planet. During the drop off, an accidental communication with a human occurs, triggering a series of unexpected events. Can the CC work with the human to come up with an alternative plan to help save Earth?

Buy it in paperback format: ISBN: 978-1-952921-01-8


Download a free copy of the entire first novel from the series Tales From The Convening Collaborative!

If you want a little more info about me personally, here’s some.

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