From WIP: Ribbon In The Sky

Prosperity As A Practical Offense

“What we don’t understand is how humans…uh… don’t see how risky the MMR mindset really is,”  Professor InDepth said as soon as all the participants were on the video call.

She pushed her ocular enhancers up before continuing. “A really basic idea we have in the CC is that when everyone is thriving…everyone is thriving. So making sure everyone around us is happy and healthy is…well, we see it as being in our total self interests, really. If everyone around us has plenty of freedoms, feels secure, and is content and happy, it makes it highly unlikely they will want to harm us.”

Leaning into the video camera, she continued. “We work to create good things for everyone, like at a party, you know?. We want to be around others who are friendly and fun to be around, so we make sure we act that way towards others. We want healthy environments for ourselves and our loved ones, right? So we create it for everyone.”  

She pulled back, looking perplexed, and continued. “So for us, both the easiest and the surest way to ensure our own personal prosperity is to have prosperity everywhere around us.We can’t understand why that isn’t obvious to humans.”

After a small silence, Petra said, “You’re absolutely right Professor.  Down on Earth many people know this in their hearts, but don’t know how to stop the forces that block this from being reality.  It actually takes a lot of political courage to speak out for peace and prosperity for all—as silly as that sounds.”

“Why is that, do you think?” Captain Cabeza asked.  Three of her five heads were attending to the meeting. Her lips were pursed on all three faces, a common expression for her when she was intently interested.

Petra flapped her energies around and said, “Sharon can speak to that in a second, but I want to point out something Professor InDepth was also alluding to. A crucial difference between you all and us on Earth is that MMR infected humans on Earth really have not figured out that the very existence of wide gulfs and hierarchies in wealth and power will always, always, always create insecurity, unrest, suspicion and anxiety for everyone, including the haves. 

In our hierarchy based world, some humans have tons of stuff and many others want and need stuff. But it is actually the existence of people that have tons more than others who CREATE a bunch of tigers (real and imagined) circling their compounds by hoarding their resources. By CREATING inequity, they live their lives needlessly creating people who resent them, and are potentially looking to steal from or harm them.  So they are always on guard, and anxious at some base level.

But when you create worlds of peace and prosperity for everyone, you create worlds where there are no tigers at the door for anyone.”

Petra sighed before concluding with, “And really, a good chunk of humans simply don’t get that pretty simple point.”

Another small silence ensued. Captain Cabeza eventually said, “Yes. It is really is a testament to how bad the infection is so many of them fail to see that.”

 Sharon spoke up at this point.  “True, but that’s because of….well, the legacies of trauma that festered, and became baked into so many of the colonizer mind sets. The trauma based reactions really wreaked all kinds of un noticed havoc, and they skewed all kinds of cultural norms.”

There was another silence while various members of the group motioned for Sharon to continue. She cocked her head a bit, muttered “Well, okay.” Then she said, “Humans in the grips of trauma based reactions really do see the world differently. They see it as inherently dangerous.  They simply don’t see possibilities for shaping reality into prosperity for all. They can’t, genuinely cannot, conceive of lasting peace and prosperity. At some levels, they truly believe there will always be tigers at their doors.”   

“Look at some of the Depression era people who could never part with a scrap of paper. And for them this was their “normal.” The majority of the folks most affected by MMR are like this. They also truly believe that someone’s got to lose in order for anyone to “win.”  They honestly believe in hierarchies or caste systems.”

The words sat there for a moment before Sharon continued, directing her next comments directly to the Captain. “And so they become really driven! I think that’s part of how it’s gotten so bad. I know it’s all kinds of crazy, but it actually makes a twisted sort of sense.” Captain Cabeza raised a questioning eyebrow on one of her heads, but said nothing.

Sharon nodded at Cabeza’s implied question, and said, “Think about how any being’s survival instincts kick in when they feel threatened: they act immediately! And they act with great urgency, conviction and intensity. They don’t form committees or focus groups. If you think a car is bearing directly down on you, you take immediate action. That’s what they do.”

On the other hand, if you feel secure, you’re just not going to be as driven. A being who is feeling content and at peace tends to be more deliberate and thoughtful. So honestly, fear based folks are generally more active and more prone to taking forceful actions… actions that often end up being harmful to others-”

Sharon stopped as she suddenly felt Sync’s energies. They seemed infinitely compassionate again.  It was as if Sync were trying to telepathically connect with all 7.9 billion humans and soothe them. Tears welled up in Sharon’s eyes. Sync and the others from the CC were always able to be so kind, it was truly touching.

Petra, noting that Sharon had become choked up, added, “Yes. Of course some parts of their souls sense, but don’t fully recognize there’s something wrong with their logic. Their souls would tell them that this kind of “winning” is not truly winning, it is superficial, illusory.  And yet because they have minimized the roles of their souls in so many ways, they don’t listen to them. They are already living in fear, and they become too afraid of even testing their assumptions. Things like ‘It’s just the way the world is’ have been uttered by so many fear based people to justify so many inequities as to be utterly farcical.”

She flapped her energy around.  “But they believe themselves. And since they truly believe this, they shape the world in this way.  And then, when they attain a place of relative ease within the shit-pile of inequity of their own making, they become so afraid of “losing” their status, that they just utterly make up stories about why the world they’ve made is just.

They create vengeful Gods in their own images who assure them they are doing the right things. They create ideas of  “righteous conquerors.” As if conquering anyone, anywhere would ever be righteous. To uninfected minds, it’s ridiculous.  But to minds shaped by unrecognized trauma reactions, this is a common thing.”

Cabeza’s heads were nodding. “Yes, and it’s easy to see how they would the go about creating worlds that match their expectations. You can see how they end up living in these pretty stunted states that they really think are normal.  And like Sharon’s said before, people reeling from trauma really don’t clearly see their mindsets as tricking them. They truly believe the world is dangerous.”

Sharon, having put away her emotionality, said, “Right. It’s not that people consciously go around thinking, ‘Oh, I’ll believe in a fear based world.’ That’s not how trauma based living works at all. But trauma can cause huge changes.

After experiencing trauma and not resolving it in healthy ways, fear based, scarcity based living simply becomes the way people see the world.” She paused, then added, “And, to repeat the point a bit, they see danger and scarcity as the only reality. They simply don’t believe it when others tell them things could be different. They think the idea of tigers always prowling at their doors is normal, and, as the only way reality can be.”

Captain Cabeza then asked, “Well, when we think it through that way, their reactions at least make some sense. Okay, so how do we help people see that prosperity for all is really in everyone’s best self interests? How do you help people recover from a mindset that is so skewed they imperil their own survival because they can’t see clearly?”